Who We Are

Simply put, we create great looking digital media that fully meets our client’s requirements and works hard to grow their business.

Space Galleon is an energetic web design agency that puts our client’s success at the heart of all we do. We take the time to understand each client’s unique business needs, and create innovative tailored online presence – on brief, on brand, on time and on budget.

Our customer care continues well beyond a project’s completion, and we happily continue to act as a client’s ‘unofficial’ online IT department to help ensure that all the digital media we create powerfully achieves its potential.

Our Experience


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Web design

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Our Team


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Our process

Each digital media project we undertake passes through five key stages to ensure its enduring success:

Planning. Critically, we first take the time to understand the requirements and objectives of the project. We always provide sound, honest advice so the most appropriate and effective digital options are taken, and the clients’ commercial goals will be met. We clearly map out the approach we will take, outline all the deliverables and each party’s responsibilities required to achieve them, and publish a full breakdown of the project budget and timelines.

Development. Once the green light to proceed is given, our design and coding teams translate the project’s stated requirements into an engaging working solution. Through out this development stage, we provide all clients with on going updates of our progress and happily integrate feedback into the construction process.

Testing. Once built, Space Galleon dedicates the time to thoroughly test each digital project’s robustness to anticipate and resolve all potential bugs that could occur. Our work is designed to function smoothly on all static and mobile digital platforms and is equally fully stable when accessed through all of the proprietary web browsers.

Delivery. Once both we and the clients are content that we have fully met all stated deliverables, we undertake User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and provide full client training. Only once both are satisfactorily completed do we proceed to go-live.

Evaluation & Enhancement. We know that the success of a project is fundamentally measured by the results achieved post launch. We constantly monitor the functionality and performance of all our projects, and offer our clients review meetings every three to six months to discuss experiences with the website and to share data and feedback. From this process of on-going dialogue and insight, we can provide enhancements and upgrades to ensure each project continues to be as impactful as possible, as customer needs and trading environments evolve and change.