Content Creation

Once you have built the site, it is now a matter of ensuring your business is competitive and performs well against other similar businesses.  This feeds into SEO and Digital Marketing. A traditional bricks and mortar business relies on people to walk past and physically view the shop. For online businesses, they must find ways to appear on search engines and have business address links passed to the user or spread by the users. This can only be done if your site is big enough to be picked up by search engines or to be looked for. Google cannot see images, but it can read content.

Content is a challenge for time-poor business owners. It is vital to grow your site as the larger it is, the more content you have, the greater traffic you will attract by answeing the needs of the search engine.  We will be on hand to not only create and develop relevant content for your site that will be balanced to be of interest to the user but to optimise your site for search engines.

A natural facet to content generation is to extend it to your social media reach. By ensuring the correct tags, imagery and content are presented, traffic from social media fields can be led back to the site and in turn convert to customers.

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