Google May Penalise You if You Don’t Have a Mobile Friendly Website

As rumours float the web about whether Google will penalise you if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, we decided to do some research to see if this rumour had any legs. This research involved a trip to Google’s HQ in central London where yes, we can confirm that Google will penalise you.

With the shift from desktop to mobile in June 2013, it was apparent that we didn’t need a computer to surf the internet, just a mobile. However, there are so many websites today that are not mobile optimised and are still using content, images, and navigation structures that don’t work on mobile. We as users find it frustrating having to zoom in and out of websites as we navigate our way around a website that is not optimised for mobile. If your consumers are unsatisfied with their user experience the likelihood of them returning to your website is slim. In fact, according to a Google Survey (2016) “61% of consumers are likely to leave a website if it wasn’t mobile friendly and 67% were more likely to buy at a mobile friendly website”.

So why does Google care?

Because Google cares about your user experience. If a particular website isn’t mobile friendly, Google will recognise that and is less likely to display those websites high on organic search results. Google is constantly analysing our user habits and behaviour and forms hypotheses from their findings. A trend formed when Google observed that a large percentage of people bouncing off of websites that were not mobile optimised (61% of us).

Which makes perfect sense as to why Google will not place websites that are not mobile optimised on page one of Google. Why would they when they know that more than half of us will bounce off of it.

Google, after all, would not be doing its job right if half the results displayed on page one were useless to mobile users. Google’s goal is to increase search traffic, including mobile search traffic, and to make searching for the user as simple and easy as possible.

So, if you are still wondering whether you should have a mobile optimised website remember it will help with your organic search results across all devices.



Next week’s blog will be on Why Google is looking at mobile content first, rather than desktop, when deciding how to rank results…

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